How to Make Advertising More Effective

Dear M & M: I am wondering is it radio, television, newspaper, social media, bulk mail or is there something else I should do to make my advertising more effective? – Josh

Dear Josh:

Hard to answer because everything you described is a way to deliver a message to an audience. Before anyone engages in any sort of a marketing campaign one must do a marketing plan. How do we know the audience you are trying to attract even reads the paper, listens to the radio, pays attention to any bulk mailing or is receptive to any form of social media contact?

The following are a few things one needs to identify before any marketing campaign is launched. Besides identifying how much you are willing to spend or determining what you want to accomplish (increased traffic, increased sales, or increased product awareness).  One of the first things one needs to do is to identify what geographic area you are trying to sell in.

If I am trying to sell to people in people in Phoenix or Tucson do they even get our local radio stations, newspaper or are they even on our email marketing list? Generally, a second things that must be done is to identify who it is you are trying to reach. Gender, age, specific interests are just a few things that need to be considered. Once we have identified who we want to get to buy our stuff we can explore how they receive information.

In addition, once we have targeted a specific group we can also write our marketing message in words they would be more apt to respond to. Let say we are selling Barbie dolls. Six year old girls buy Barbie dolls. I am a sixty-three year old Grandfather. I bought a Barbie doll for my granddaughter last month.  I am going to tell the six year old girl,”

Do you want to buy the red headed one like your friend Suzy bought last week?”  I am going to tell grandpa, “Did you know Barbie has an educational doll out there now?”  In addition, once I know who is buying my Barbie doll I can identify how they are more likely to receive messages. Grandpa is probably reading the newspaper and granddaughter still listens to cartoons on Saturday morning.

The chances of six year old granddaughter reading the paper is about a slim as catching grandpa watching Saturday morning cartoons. There is a lot more to a marketing plan then identifying an audience, mapping out a geographic area to sell to and developing marketing strategies to target a specific audience.

Measuring effectiveness, expectations of return on investment, frequency or how often you plan to run the campaign and determining the length of a marketing campaign (week, month, or a year) are just some of the things that need to be considered if we want to be successful.

Take some time and do a marketing plan before any marketing dollars are spent. “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits them and sells itself.” – Peter Drucker



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