One Thing All Businesses Need

Dear M &M: What is the one thing that all businesses need? – Dave

Dear Dave:

There never is just one thing, but if I had to narrow it down to one thing it would be good people. I am not just talking about they need to be good at what they do. For instance a mechanic needs to know how to fix your car so it stays fixed. A house painter needs to know how to paint the house (scraping, taping, and clean-up).

What I am talking about is the intangible personality or traits that naturally are inside a person. We often think of a good employee as one that is competent or knows their job and does it well. In today’s competitive environment being competent and doing the job is expected. Goodness is far more than competency.

Goodness is more about humanity, values, character and other inherent traits imbedded in their actions. People and their values are the most critical competitive advantage your organization can have.  Think about it. Where do you like to do business? Every time I would choose the place where the people were genuinely kind, understanding, willing to listen and wanting to treat people fairly.

Business shouldn’t be solely focused on cutting corners at every turn to maximize bottom line profits to return more money faster. Companies that imprint good values to consumers as they conduct business will always win in the end. Pursuing goodness while surrounding yourself with good people will keep your company in the game longer than any of your competitors who aren’t.

From Aristotle’s quest to better understand the human condition to Abraham Maslow’s exploration to understand human desires and needs we can all see that implementing goodness and good people will always be a practical solution to the one thing most needed in today’s business world to be successful.  Source: “Successful Companies Have 1 Thing in Common… They Seek To Do Good” – Toney Tjan.



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