Coming Up With A Name For Your Business

Dear M & M: I am having a difficult time with trying to come up with a name for my business. Do you have any ideas or thoughts? – Toney

Dear Toney:

Your business name is a very important part of all businesses. Time needs to be spent coming up with one that fits. Just as every business is different the reason for a name will have different meanings to what you want your corporate culture to be or what do you want others to believe you are. An example would be; I want to let people know I am an independent small business and cut hair (Joe’s Barber Shop). I cut hair but I want to be an upscale salon (Regal Salon). Maybe you want to send a message that you are part of a large chain or organization (Cost Cutters).

Notice that (Cost Cutters) implies something about pricing in the name.  A name has a lot to do with a customer perception or expectation. Looking at a list of various names for barber shops each leaves a distinct impression on what type of service they provide (The Barber Chop, Crew Cuts, Game Day Barber Shop, Get Buzzed, Madison Street Barber, The Man Cave Barber, and Razor Cuts for Men). Most importantly what you do in the name is important. Dan’s, Joe’s, Hcut, and Looking Good are examples of names but what do they do? Hcut can be fixed with a good tag line Hcut “best haircut for men”.

Not only is a name important what color will the letters be what font will you use. Joe’s Barber Shop, Joe’s Barber Shop, Joe’s Barber Shop, Joe’s Barber Shop all say the same thing but might not be a clear as one would like it to be or as easily recognizable or memorable. Our name is our brand. A name should stand out. In addition, check with your state to see if the name is even available or has someone already taken it.  Besides the name check domain names to see if the web address is available. If you have been in business awhile and your name no longer fits what you are doing you might consider a name change. Just be careful to not make your name so obscure no one will ever be able to figure out what you do.



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