Trending Businesses Worth Considering

Dear M & M: Are there any trending businesses that might be worth looking into opening? –Doreen

Dear Doreen:

As in anything related to the success or failure specific market conditions in your geographic region, management experience and competition could make any and all of these ideas very bad or very good. Here we go. Social Media continues to grow. I see no end to this only growth. Consulting in creating or showing others how to use or create anything in our online world from Facebook advertising to creating and posting YouTube videos to training in the use of Instagram should be good. A second category according to Business News Daily, is box subscription services.

They are popping up everywhere in the food, beauty and even pet product sectors, ready to deliver goods right to your door each month. One of the perks that keep customers coming back for more is the idea that these subscription boxes are carefully curated just for them based on their likes and interests, and each month, the boxes’ contents are a surprise.

Find a unique product category that’s still untapped by the box subscription industry, or find a way to put a new spin on an existing service, and you could have a lucrative business on your hands. Keep it as inexpensive as possible — according to LearnVest, offering cheaper products will help you stand out from the competition. – See more at:

A third category is showing more potential, as our country is starting to focus on healthy eating, fitness and exercise. From restaurants to health clubs there seems to be some opportunities in this category. If you are already in business and own a restaurant this category could open your place of business to more people seeking alternative food options.

Things like offering more choices on menus from servicing plant based diets to offering gluten free or non-dairy choices will create more business opportunities for restaurants already in business. Another great area to take a look that shows some potential for business by segmenting our population by age groups. Right now according to the U.S. Census Bureau 25% of our population consists of people 18 and under.

These are people living at home, generally do not have full time jobs but need a lot of stuff. What can you sell to them? Besides things that they need that other people buy from them what can you sell to them that they want to buy and have the disposable income to make the purchase from allowance money, birthday, graduation or income earned from baby-sitting to mowing lawns?



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