Forgotten Customer Service Efforts

Dear M & M:

What do you find as one of the more important components to a customer service effort by a company that is usually forgotten?

– Jan

Dear Jan:

There never is one fit or solution to anything in business as each individual business is unique to itself. However, honest relationships and service after the sale are often two forgotten components to most customer service efforts. Most research shows that companies that build relationships showing continued attention after the sale build and produce significantly more satisfied loyal customers than companies that do nothing after the sale.

We all know it costs more to replace a customer than to keep one. Generally small companies are in a unique position to respond to customer complaints more effectively than larger companies. Most problems can be solved simply by dealing with any issue the moment it happens. Smaller firms can delegate authority to handle these situations simply by giving employees the ability to act in the customers’ bests interests.

Then owner of a company with 100 customers will fell the loss of a single customer more than that larger firm with 1,000’s of customers. Time should be given to make sure your customers are happy after the sale. Does your company have anything in place to reach out to the people that buy your products or services after they have left the store or bought online? Keep in mind the 80/20 rules apply here.

80% of your sales will come from 20% of your customers. Listen to your customers’, follow up with a note or phone call to make sure everything is OK. After service contact can make your company stand out. Always deliver more than what was expected. Contacting a customer after the sale is a neglected area your competitors more than likely don’t do. To stand out and be remembered give it a try.



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