Getting Employees Engaged


Dear M & M:

How do I get my employees engaged and wanting to do what I need them to do?

– Beverly

Dear Beverly:

Aligning organizational goals with employee outcomes is a never-ending battle. People need to be focused on what is critical to your organization. Imagine how well any organization would run if everyone was on the same page and focused on the same goals. Do your employees know and understand what your goals are? Do they have action plans to be able to carry out what you want them to? Aligning everyone in your organization with your most important objectives is an important step in achieving the results you want. Eisenhower once said, “Leadership is about getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.” Remember in achieving buy-in  people must first know what it is you want them to do.


To ask your questions: Call the Small Business Development Center(SBDC) at Cochise College (520)-515-5478 or email or contact the Sierra Vista Economic Development Foundation(EDF) at 520-458-6948 or email .


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