Employee Morale – Company Awareness


Dear M & M:

How do I keep employee morale up with rising business costs and possible cutbacks in federal spending in the region?


Dear Randy:

The cost of doing business is on the rise no matter what industry you operate in. Gas, insurance, or shipping are all on the rise. There is one area that business might not need to spend more to be effective could be employee morale. Employees want to be happy at work and feel that they are a contributing part of the organizational goals of increasing profits, sales or customer satisfaction. Business owners and managers put a lot of effort into the daily activities of running the business. Attitude is essential. When managers are friendly, positive, uplifting and welcoming employees are more likely to do their jobs with a smile and take an active role in advancing other company goals. Manager’s interactions with employees ultimately carry through and impact customers and clients. Remember a smile doesn’t cost any out of pocket expenditure. It is all about the little things. Morning hellos, acknowledgments along the way and recognition for things that are well done might give employees and extra incentive to do their best. Make an effort every now and then to ensure that employees are heard, understood and appreciated. Remember it doesn’t cost anything to say, “Thank you.”



Dear M & M:

Do you have three low cost tips I could use to create awareness for my company?


Dear Marni: 

Be social.  I understand you hear this everywhere you go but, are you doing it? Jumping in on the social media bandwagon is a good idea. I can’t think of a less expensive way to connect with your clients, vendors and community. Social media is a time sucker but, you need to make time for this. Have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. If you haven’t claimed your space on Google Places, Yelp, City Search and other third party review and rating sites you should. Everywhere you go make sure you invite everyone to connect with you on social media. Add your social media links to your email signature, business cards, flyers, coupons, bumpers stickers on company vehicles … or on everything you do. Tip two; Get involved in your community. Be seen and known. If you have branded attire, wear it. The last tip would be to remember to create awareness is to treat your customers fair.  Handle complaints right away. The last thing you need is someone out there spreading bad things about your company. Every business survives and thrives because of its customers. Generally speaking, the more the customers you have the more the sale you should have. More customers and more sales mean more people will know about you and your company’s reputation to being the place to go to do business. It has been estimated that an average company has to spend 5 times more on attracting a new customer than retaining an existing one.


To ask your questions: Call the Small Business Development Center(SBDC) at Cochise College (520)-515-5478 or email schmittm@cochise.edu or contact the Sierra Vista Economic Development Foundation(EDF) at 520-458-6948 or email  hollism@svedf.org .


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