Land Use & Zoning Regulations – Challenges Facing Entrepreneurs

This week we had Jack Chapman pass on some information concerning Land Use – Zoning Regulations (Cochise County) we felt was important to publish as we were receiving several calls on this topic.

Dear Readers:

Are you planning to change or modify the use of your property?  Besides considering Health regulations, Homeowner Association restrictions and building codes; zoning regulations may apply. The following are steps you should take: First, find your zoning district through the Community Development Department (CDD), check the permitted uses, accessory uses and any other uses permitted in your district. Second, determine permits required. There may be no permit required, but check to be sure since changing a land use requiring a permit without applying for one may result in a violation. Third, ask the CDD Planner for advice; they are there to help. The Cochise County CDD can be reached at (520) 432-9240.

– This information was provided courtesy of former CC Hearing Officer, Jack Chapman (520) 378-3650.

Dear M&M:

If someone asked you what you thought was the biggest challenge facing Entrepreneurs and Start Ups – what would you say?  Why do half of Start Ups fail?

– Rick

Dear Rick:

We believe the biggest challenge facing entrepreneurs and startups is a lack of knowledge and experience. This is because the typical Entrepreneur running a startup knows virtually nothing about running a business and has no experience running a business.  A plumber who starts a plumbing company is no longer a plumber; a graphics designer who starts a web design firm is no longer a graphics designer.  They are now Business Owners. The knowledge and experienced they have from school and working as a plumber or a graphics designer aren’t enough to start and run a business.  In fact, they have very little to do with it.  You may be the World’s greatest plumber, but that does not mean you will run the World’s greatest plumbing company. Even if you were employed as a plumber or a web designer in a great company, your knowledge and experience of how a company is run is through the eyes of an employee. You don’t have any knowledge and experience of how to run a company as a business owner. As a business owner you need to be a Master of Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Sales.  They most certainly don’t teach that in plumbing school or graphics design school. You may understand the details of Operations: how to connect pipes and write web code, and you may do that very well.  Which of course means you’ll have some success and grow. Which of course means you’ll need to hire people to meet the growing demand for your services. This of course means you now also need to be a Master of Leadership, Management and HR. Now what an Entrepreneur lacks in knowledge and experience they make up for in passion and drive.  That’s what the Entrepreneurial Spirit is, Unmatched Passion and a Relentless Drive. They are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. This spirit can bring them great success, but it can also be their Achilles heel, as their answer for when things go wrong is to just work harder.  Now don’t get this wrong passion and relentless drive is a huge part of surviving as a startup, but the answer for when things go wrong, is to work smarter, not harder. But you can’t work smarter, without the knowledge and experience required to make smart pro-active decisions. Next week we will talk more about what can be done to help solve this.

 – M&M


To ask your questions: Call the Small Business Development Center(SBDC) at Cochise College (520)-515-5478 or email or contact the Sierra Vista Economic Development Foundation(EDF) at 520-458-6948 or email


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